Privacy Statement

We properly protect your personal information. Miotinto respects your privacy, but Miotinto sometimes needs your personal information. This statement explains how we store your data, protect and process.



We secure all personal information we collect from you. We take the best possible measures against loss, destruction, use, modification or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. All areas of the website where you enter personal data are protected by an SSL certificate. It is possible that other parties receive your information from us. We agree with those Parties that they will handel your information with the utmost care. These parties only use your data in accordance with the purpose for which we have received the information from you.



Article 1 – Order

For your order we need your name, email address, address(es), payment details and sometimes your phone-number. We will record and store your data, for the purpose of correctly processing your order. In addition, your data can be used for a possible guarantee issues. When processing your order we provide Mollie, MyParcel, Gruppo Adanti with the necessary personal data to complete your order.


Article 2 – Login

On your account we store the following information: passwords, user name and contact details. So you will never have to enter this information again. We also collect – for your convenience – the details of your previous orders.


Article 3 – Promotional

Miotinto (Mano Group B.V.) uses your data for advertising purposes. This means that we may send you information about products that we offer. We use e-mail advertising, provided you have authorized us to do so explicitly.


Article 4 – Social Media

If you use any social media features on our site, it is possible that the social media provider sends us (according to his policies) information. This may include your name, profile picture, gender, friends lists and other information you have provided. If you do not want it, make sure to change the privacy settings on your social media account. If you indicate to like a product, this item appears on your social media account if you are logged in. Plug-ins sush as the “Like” button and “Comment” of Facebook, are identified by a Facebook logo. These add-ons are small pieces of Facebook on our site. If enter a webpage that uses these add-ons, your browser sends specific information to Facebook. We have – like other sites that use these add-ons – no control over this data.


Article 5 – Newsletter

Miotinto offers newsletters. We will keep you informed of special offers (discount) actions and other news. To ensure your permission we use the opt-in system for newsletters. With every contact moment you are able to  unsubscribe. Miotinto uses personal newsletters. These newsletters are compiled based on your previous data such as orders and pages visited.


Article 6 – Market Research

It may happen that we ask you to participate in market research. Miotinto will use your information for market research. We use this data anonymously for statistical Miotinto. You can take the survey at any time. We do not disclose your answers to third parties.

Additionally, the answers are not linked to your email address. You do need to enter your email address only if you wish to participate in a giveaway attached to the market research.


Article 7 – Competition

When you enter a promotion or contest, we ask for your contact details. So we can carry out the promotion and announce the winner(s). We also measured the response to our (advertising) campaigns.



Article 8 – What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the browser via the server of a site. The browser then stores the file on your device. Your device is assigned a unique number, to which our site recognize the device.

In principle we distinguish session cookies and temporary or permanent cookies. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Temporary or permanent cookies remain a long time or indefinitely on your computer. Through your settings and data we can improve our website and personalize information and offers.


Article 9 – Which cookies are used by Miotinto?

Session cookies, temporary and permanent cookies. Most cookies used by us are deleted from your hard drive after the end of the browser session. Session cookies are necessary, for example to be able aanbie the shopping cart function over multiple pages