At MioTinto we take great pride in making hand-finished made-to-order italian shoes more accessible and affordable. Looking for a pair of shoes in a particular color? Don’t settle for almost perfect, when you can now create the perfect match between your shoes and outfit. Finish off your distinctive personality with a pair of shoes that not only complements but elevate your character. It is this finesse that defines the spirit of a true gentleman.
If you are looking for something really special, something completely bespoke, or if you have a last minute request? Then visit our workshop in New York City or The Netherlands. Join one of the world’s top patina artists for color advice and see your shoe come into being before your eyes. Or create your own pair by mixing and matching  colors in our online creator.

The Patina

Guided by one of our made-to-order shoe specialists, you determine what model and size fit your feet best. These shoes will form the canvas for our Master-Finisher. But only after you decide on the patina of you choice, again carefully guided by one of our made-to-order specialists. Once you made your choice our Master-Finisher will personally hand-finish your shoes and matching belt in the desired color. The finishing touch will be your initials on the inside of each pair, and a certificate of authenticity with the finish-number, date, and signature of the master-finisher that worked on your finish.

If you are looking for something really special, consider visiting our workshop. Next to everything our local specialists offer you will find new prototypes and test concepts.  MioTinto, Oudestraat 104, 8261 CV Kampen. Tel: +31(0)38 750 7310 Email: [email protected]

MioTinto Italian Craftsmanship

MioTinto shoes are entirely handmade in one of the few remaining artisanal workshops in Italy. All MioTinto shoes are Blake-Stiched, which means that the outer sole is directly stitched to the insole for maximum flexibility and comfort. For the stitching we use pitch-dipped wire, which ensures that the thread does not absorb moisture, keeping your feet dry. Only using the finest materials: the upper and the lining are made out of a soft vitello, the full-leather outsole is fitted with a rubber top piece on the front and heel for extra durability and anti-slip, and the soft vitello insole is fitted with cushioning for extra comfort. MioTinto is synonymous with 100% Italian craftsmanship, made by and for those who want pure perfection.

Perfectly Matching Belt

The formal Italian belt – the belt you wear with your suit – should be completely subordinated to your suit, the belt must support your suit in a very discreet manner, and it should never steal the show. A formal belt has a width of 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters, and is made of the finest leather.

When you wear a suit it is all about the big picture. For this reason a striking belt too often is an unwelcome distraction. Rule of thumb is that a formal belt comes in the exact same color as your shoes, and comes with a very subtle buckle. When your shoes that are striking, it may be a good choice to slightly tone down the color of your belt, and to match it a bit more to your suit, shirt or even the buttons of your suit. You can also go a shade darker or possibly a touch lighter.

Upon ordering your shoes and belt will be created out of the same piece of leather, and will be finished next to each other. This ensures a perfect match between your shoes and your belt.

Handmade Italian Belt - Formal


MioTinto ends an era of similarity in shoes. Your beloved italian shoes will now be as unique as your personality. With a choice of 6 models, in 16 different last sizes, and 30 standard color options that you can mix and match, you can choose from over 1.204.200 combinations. Every single pair will be completely made-to-order, finished off with your initials or wedding date inside the shoes. If your exact color is not available within our color guide, our Master-Finisher will be happy to create a new color exactly as you desire. This color can completely match -for example- your (wedding) suit, shirt, tie or even your buttons.




Service & Fit

At MioTinto beleive that your shoes should fit perfectly. The reason is simple: each shoe has its own unique fit. To make sure this fit matches your feet, we would like to invite you to visit one of our amzing partners and made-to-order specialists that can help you find your perfect match in fit as well as color. For your convenience all of our specialist are equipped with a full range of sizes, so you are sure that your shoes fit perfectly: after all, this pair is meant and created specially for you alone. Due to this exclusive custom nature of the MioTinto products we cannot accept returns. Therefore you can not buy Miotinto shoes online in the countries where our you can find one or more of our amazing partners.

Customer Information

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question about MioTinto items or finishes. We are happy to help with any questions. Or contact a Made-to-Order Specialist near you.

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Email: [email protected]
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Business Enquiries

Would you like to become a MioTinto Specialist? Please mail us your request together with some background information on your business, or give us a call.


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